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Another shopping day ...

April 07, 2011


Few days ago, i took some simple quiz questions at here and won some gift set.

So, i set to pick it up at Sg Wang plaza since i never go there for ages >.> ....

Today, me & my friends headed down to town to collect the gifts....


End up its just a very small sample. Kinda dissapointing. But well, its a free gift, what do you expect ya . haha

Walked around and found out my fav comic shop at Level2 Sg Wang closed ! Oh noo... i need to figure out a new

place to get my comics supply soon... T_T....


Went to Watsons to get my eyeliner, makeup removers and stuffs...

Spotted Maybelline's new vibrating mascara. But quite expensive...RM59.80.

But bought it anyway . and when paying , the staff told us we could get one of those stuffs on display for cheaper prices.

Saw this Taiwan Mask RM3.90. Bought 10pcs in the end.

Total sum up become RM246++. Wa... gonna die liao LOLOL



Bought a maxi dress, a black dress , and tons of stuffs frm Daiso..

ohya, and a new iphone casing too.


Today spend alot money ...


Needa control my spending ... sigh



Time to sleep!

p/s: dont know why my right eye puffy & looks swollen =_=






M.A.C Day Out

April 02, 2011


After quite long never go out shopping,

today finally went to Pavilion with my kaki(s) after their work

Went to Tangs but bought nothing ,

and i wanted to buy cosmetics.


Was deciding between Chanel , Dior , MAC & Lancome.


End up went to MAC instead because it received quite a lot of good reviews.




My friend , Evon.


End up i bought a liquid foundation & a loose powder from MAC.

Quite cheap . RM115 and RM90 .


and she bought a blusher , RM75 .


Despite their big international brand, these prices & their quality is worth a try i guess?



Happy me , at Snowflake.


Dessert at Snowflake after bought my MAC , and that's my "dinner".

Was waiting for another friend to end work but her OT keep delay until like 10.30pm =_=




I looks fat in those pictures....





=_= !!!




End up , we ate our dinner cum supper at Sawadee88 .

A thai food restaurant in Cheras.




Just reached home not long ago & ready to sleep.


Shag to the max!






Hope my MAC loots today will replace my old makeup foundation &

impress me!






Wedding dinner

March 28, 2011





I just returned from my uncle's wedding dinner at Sri Petaling.

A simple dinner with close relatives, probably because he married for 2nd time?

Well, nothing special, the dish was so-so...


But gotta meet lotsa relatives. My grandpa's side's relatives.

Most of them said i changed alot till they cant recognized me anymore, lol .

And i was wearing heels , so it made up i'm around 17xcm. lOls!


All we did was camwhoring at the place because it was so noisy with those uncles aunties singing oldies.


With my aunt and sis.

Yeah she's my aunt because she's my dad's cousin. LOL!

Thou she was 2 years younger than me. haha!




Dishes was normal one as in chinese weddings.

4 seasons dishes, steam fish, prawns, vege , shark fins, etc ... and desserts

& tada! going home after that lol!



Continue with my camwhoring ~~


with my newly bought flower clips too!





Thats all for today .


Super tired from today!


Goodnight !


I'm too lazy lol!

March 21, 2011



There's several outings recently but im too lazy to update my blog !

Went to Genting last Sat to chill and went back to KL ard 3am.

Tried on this maxi dress at Cotton On , but its abit too tight fitting on me.

Sorry i brighten this pic because its too dark in the fitting room . lol!

The area i covered is where it's kinda showing my body ... erm...undergarment's shape >.>"

End up never get it ... lol



Well, thou shag but i still wake up for school on Sunday .

Thou im like 2 hours late HAHA! But better than i skip class right!

After that , went to KLCC alone ; to Kinokuniya


Im so interested in this book!



But there is another book , from Harvard Business Review articles !

It's related to what im currently studying now , so i was wondering which should i bought first...

End up i bought the HBR one , RM99.80 .

And one random Japanese magazine cuz i got attracted by the free tote bag ....





The jap magazine ; the HBR book and my new diary ~





Not bad? RM66.70 for both the book & the bag.



*as descriped at the last page of the book*



Suddenly i feel like reading ...books...

All the while , im too lazy to read those "serious" stuffs and only indulged in games and internet.


Somehow i feel quite tired with all these.

It's like , im bored till the level , i find myself a new hobby.


Hope i can finish my HBR book by this week and purchase the Jim Collin's one.


Till then! Update again!




Byes !



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Ohai ! Long time no see~

March 15, 2011


A picture of me , in case you forgot . heh`

im too lazy to update my blog.




Happy Valentine Day

February 15, 2011



Hi all ,


Happy Valentine Day !

I spend my Valentine Day at Times Square & Pavilion with my friend, shopping and eat the whole day.


Mainly because my bf, who was a Singaporean, not with me?

Dont worry im not sad, kinda get used to it!

Bought a branded shirt for him, 2 Cotton On tank for myself, a new diary book, tons of stickers,a yoga pants...and..

Shu Umera eyelash curler! I bought it for RM60 , but Adeline told me its ard SGD19 in Singapore?



Well, happy with what i've bought yday !



Oh anyway , ....feel like boxing my boyfriend.






Happy Valentine Day




I feel like a ....

February 10, 2011




I feel like a .....




I feel i gained so much weight this CNY ....


Sigh ...


Pants are tighter.... and my upper body looks huge.

I need a serious cut down on my flabby fats...


But nowadays i feel my skin condition getting much better,

less pimple , lesser acne and feel clean .




This deserve a point ^__^





Goodnight all <3





Chinese New Year Camwhores ♥

February 06, 2011


Happy Chinese New Year everyone!



This year CNY like so boring and somewhat dull .


Our routine as usual, visiting relatives and etc .


Today went out to have dinner with my maternal grandma ,


camwhore pictures with my sis.






Happy Chinese New Year <3




Last minute shopping (´・ω・`)

February 02, 2011



We been shopppp so often these few days!

Well, partly because we just want to gather & window-shop ...

plus perhaps,maybe buy some extra clothes! *laughs*


Today im wearing high heel socks!

Well, as usual people stare at me ..

( ̄□ ̄;)


Kinda regretted it because my thigh looks SUPER THICK & HUGE

( ゚ Д゚)!!!!

Well, we shop for awhile at Sg.Wang, trimmed our brows and had our lunch at Kim Gary.



Me & Mei Kei


Mei Kei , me & Kim


Weng Guan , Evon & Mei Kei


After that, we went to Pavilion , and had our Snowflake !!!





tried this authentic Mickey tee ; which ori cost around RM119.90 .

it was on sale 70% off , RM30+ only.


ok i bought it!



We all bought like mad!

Ok , well i bought the most , (T▽T)

the total of our bill ...





crazy lolol!!




After that, Kim and WG gotta home early for reunion dinner, thus we have to head home around 5+.


But went to Coach to get WG's present because 2th Feb is his birthday!




i love this picture but my thigh looks so HUGE!

i dont hv photoshop so, i decided to cover it with something, LOL!!





Finally, the happy boy with his Coach belt.











i love my eye makeup today~~

( ´∀`)

I erased what i wrote on that paper , p&c !


Well , its indeed a happy shopping day .


i love all of them


The unexpected surprise

January 27, 2011


Hi all!


I went down to Singapore again!

But this time is to surprise my bf!


He's coming back from Beijing on 21st Jan and he's been there for 6 weeks

for his Nanyang Polytechnic attachment project.


Well, previously he did hint me few times if i can go Singapore to meet him

but i made up stories and managed to make it like i cant go!


I took AirAsia and arrived few hours before he arrive Singapore.


Then i ownself checked in a hotel nearby Simei,

but it looks like haunted room.

Its eerie and freaking scary.

1 night for SGD 70 !


I paid but in the end i dint stay there cuz too creepy.



Anyways, back to the story.


I arrived Changi Airport and meet up with his friends and plan things out..


Waiting to surprise him inside Changi Airport Terminal 3 toilet..


I've been hiding around and wait the right moment ...

and pop out in front of him.





He's stunned for like...1min?


He literally shaking and he said he teared (but i dint saw)


He hugged me so tight and i could hear his voice trembling.

awww hubby <3`



Anyway back to the story. haha~

I dint stay that creepy hotel and stay at his aunt house anyway.


Well, first time i staying in a house that got ..lift....


Some pictures of his aunt's hse @___@


3 floor and 1 basement + pool .



This is the basement. The center is the pool , but w/o water.


*taken inside the lift , going to ..3rd floor*



Most of the house made from glass.


Ok this is the lift.


Bf waiting me .. LOL~

The lift can fit like 2-3 person only ._.


Me at 3rd floor's lift entrance.


There are 5 maltese dog in the hse, this is 2 of them. lol


Basement i think? lol saw the doggies? xD


Well, stayed there until Sunday


bf moved to his new house at Serangoon North.

On Sun, we went to visit his uncle's bubble teashop at Clementi West.


Pls do visit if any of you stay in Clementi!

Its called WoWo bubbletea shop!


Previously bf said he will make Oreo milkshake for me ,

and this time he said he will fulfill his promise.


We went to ShengSiong & bought some ice-cream & milk ..


In the process of making ..

Beside is his cousin, Fann.


Ta-daa, home-made Oreo milkshake.

Not very appealing but taste not bad!




Love hugging bf's huge arm <3 .__.


After that ,went to meet bf's frens at Bugis.

Look at the KOI's queue at Iluma.

Wanted to get one but SO MANY people :(



The next day, meeting my lovely pretty girls!


With Jane


The rest of the photos i got it from Adeline ;


Meet up with Jane, Cynthia (Cost) and Adeline (Himeko Mizuki)


My fat leg T___T


Sephora hauls!

With bf behind .. LOL .


One last picture with Adeline.

I love her curls! and she looks so pretty can!

*mad jealous*


Adeline left early because she doesnt like steamboat..


And yah, we went to steamboat BBQ again!

at La Mei Zhi, Bugis.



My face super OILY ! argh!


Cynthia & her bf , KwanHua.


After that, we went seperate ways .


Saw this at Iluma ~


Spent like $20 but cant catch.

I asked dear to give up cause i feel not worth to spend

on a soft toy.


And we went to get bubbletea!


WoAiTaiMei again!


Went home & sleep!


The next day, woke up ard 1pm

and help out to clean the house before we went out

for bf's poly-mate gathering at AMK hub.


We drove there, and meeting up his Beijing mates.

Kinda awkward >.<

Even his teacher tease us LOL

Had this Hawaiian Chicken Chop for dinner ; at NewYorkNewYork


Went home & pack stuffs because i going back the next day :(


Pocky from China


Tons of skincare + makeup hauls .


Took tons of pictures before we left the house to airport

This is my favourite couple picture <3


*poke you*





Luckily made it on time to check in .

had mcd for lunch & saw this ..



Last picure before i went in the departure hall :'(


1st seat row. Shiok !


Earphone bf bought for me.


The end of the post .



I miss bf and his silly jokes alots.


See , that's the prove.







Adore her

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